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TownTalk is able to offer a variety of services to its clients, from towns joining the ever expanding TownTalk network to town centre consultancy services and stand alone web site design for businesses and organisations. With many years of experience you can be sure that the service offered by TownTalk is of the highest quality and at the right price.

More information about the services offered by TownTalk is availble via the links below. If you are unable to find the exact information you require, or you require futher information please feel free to contact us.


The Towntalk Network

TownTalk’s national network of web sites covers over 100 towns across the UK helping town centre managers and urban regeneration teams to promote their towns and build strong relationships with key stakeholders.

TownTalk is more than just a collection of web sites however.

Each site comes with a password protected Control Centre to enable approved users to update News, Events and the Business and Shopping Directory.

Features of the sites include the following:

Web design

With its immense experience in innovative web design, TownTalk can design and build a web site for your company or organisation AND promote it across the UK on the TownTalk network.

From a single page to a complex e-commerce solution, TownTalk can produce sites that work, that get noticed and above all that deliver results.

Check out a selection of our designs, or contact us for a free, no obligation quote and site plan.

Community Websites

TownTalk can develop a web site for your community at a fraction of the cost of a commercial site yet with all the professionalism and features that will help to generate pride and restore confidence in your neighbourhood.

We provide a selection of options depending on the level of sophistication needed, including:

  • Password protected Admin Centre for selected 'super-users' or for every individual in the community to upload their own news or events
  • E-mails for every member of the community
  • Training to encourage and stimulate greater internet and IT useage
  • News Alerts; these can be either global (to everyone) or closed (to specific members of a commitees or steering groups)

The essential difference with a TownTalk Community web site is that it is developed with and by the community themselves in an interesting way that encourages them without overwhelming them!!

If you would like more information about a community web site please CONTACT US.

Other Services

In addition to our range of web design and web development services, Towntalk also offers the following:

Sponsorship and Advertising

Promoting your products or services on one or more of the TownTalk web sites enables you to target your message geographically or by a relevant feature.

You can even sponsor the development of an entire town centre site, and we guarantee it'll cost less than you think.

Reaching shoppers and visitors as they plan their trip into town offers a major opportunity to develop a unique connection when they are most receptive to the sponsor's message. Packages can be tailored to suit the individual sponsor and original competitions and features can be developed in conjunction with your marketing team to help get the best out of this versatile and interactive medium. contact us for further details.

Town Centre Consultancy

For busy town centre teams, TownTalk offers a range of services to help. With a proven track record and over ten years of urban management and marketing experience, no-one can offer more support. TownTalk can offer the following services:

Town Centre Audit ...............
A complete report identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the town centre offer identifying areas in need of improvement and an Action Plan to reach pre-determined goals.
Consultation ...............
A complete consultation service to help plan your strategy and even undertake market research on specific projects.
Maps ...............
Complete digital and interactive maps for internet or brochure purposes.
Database development ...............
TownTalk can build a database of all the businesses in your town from scratch. We can even help you to manage the information
Communication Strategy ...............
Complete action plan for developing and maintaining contact with all the key stakeholders and the shopping public
Publications ...............
- Newsletters
- Shopping Guides
- Printed maps
- Events Guides

Whatever you need to promote your town, TownTalk can help.
Mystery Shop ...............
TownTalk offers a unique ‘Mystery Shop’ service to identify the strengths and weaknesses within an organisation or within a town centre or shopping centre as a whole.
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