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TownTalk has been developing web sites for many years and subsequently boasts an impressive and diverse portfolio of web sites.

The TownTalk network itself is now consists of over 100 town centres. TownTalk has also developed web sites for a number of shopping centres and communities. Does your business or organisation need a web site? TownTalk has all the expertise to create the exact web site your business or organisation needs.

Below is a small sample of just some of the web sites TownTalk has created:

Manton Community Alliance Site Organisation: Manton Community Alliance


In creating a web site for a large housing estate, the process matters as much, if not more, than the web site itself. The site needs to be driven by the residents themselves, containing relevant and interesting information about their neighbourhood, and it should contain transparent details of the projects and developments taking place so that everyone takes ownership of the Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme. We created a web site with a Content Management System that could be easily operated and updated, and helped train the residents so that the site became a catalyst for adult learning as well as a source of information.
Heritage Inspired Organisation: Heritage Inspired


Heritage Inspired is a £1 million Lottery-funded project that aims to promote the virtues of over 700 faith sites across South Yorkshire. Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and Chapels are the UKs biggest attractions and they help to bring visitors into towns and villages from throughout the world.

The Heritage Inspired web site was designed to offer a consistent, easily navigated visitor guide that will enable users to interact with the venues and download leaflets, floor plans and details. The site will even carry pod-casts so that visitors can download audio tours of the attractions onto their MP3 players or mobile phones.
One Barnsley Site Organisation: One Barnsley


Local Strategic Partnerships bring together all the key stakeholders within an area; Police, Council, Social Services, Health, Education... They all need to share information and be accessible to each other and to the public they serve. The One Barnsley web site was designed to facilitate this process, containing research data that each of the partners might need, along with meeting dates, agendas, minutes and documents so that everyone can operate within the Partnership more effectively.
3 Wishes Organisation: 3 Wishes


3 Wishes is a successful gift shop based in Aldershot which wanted to launch an e-commerce side to their business.

The site has to be capable of being updated by the owners, quickly and easily, as well as keeping stock checks of what is available.

It has to be fun to use and appealing as well as effective and professional. And of course it has to have the ability to deal in customer transactions automatically, making the buying process simple, yet safe and secure.
Villa Margarita Organisation: Villa Margarita Cyprus


A site that was created to promote a luxurious holiday villa in Cyprus; that would offer interesting and evocative images of both the property and the attractions in and around Kyrenia.

The site needed a real time booking system which has the capacity to alert the owners whenever an enquiry was made and that would automatically update the availability calendar so that double bookings are avoided.
Fat Chef Organisation: Fat Chef


Fat Chef is a small independent husband-and-wife team in Bexley, who specialise in catering; everything from private dinner parties to corporate hospitality.

They wanted a web site that would enable them to show what they do and to give a feel for their quality and high standards.

They didn’t want a site that was too fussy or detailed; just a simple introduction that would generate enquiries on line.

They wanted a site that would “look after itself” and not distract them from their busy day job, so low maintenance and high impact is what we have achieved.
Burnley Market Site Organisation: Burnley Markets


In a modern world shoppers expect their markets to keep up to date, so a web site containing details of all the traders is an ideal way to bring customers and businesses together.

For busy traders, operating their own web site is usually impractical, so having their own section on the markets site enables them to be "on the internet" without the hassle.
Collective marketing campaigns can be undertaken and traders can even make offers available or keep customers informed about new products or services.

The web site helps to give fresh impetus to this traditional retail sector, and to encourage new traders to join them.
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