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Markets are going through a revolutionary change in the UK as shoppers’ habits change and the demand for better produce at lower prices increases.

Out-of-town shopping centres are continuing to put pressure on traditional markets and younger people are increasingly being attracted to the bright lights of designer malls.

A web site can help to reach younger people and to get the message across that markets are changing with the times. Traditional, yes, but with a modern approach to consumer marketing.

Web sites can also help to promote the individual traders, most of whom will be far too busy to have set up their own web site. By setting up a collective web site, each trader can have their own page and reach new customers on the world wide web, without the expense and without having to update their details, if they don’t want to.

Traditional shoppers know what’s available at their local market, but even they become creatures of habit. The internet is being used by more and more people of all ages, and having a comprehensive list of traders and products can help all shoppers discover more about their market and make use of it more often.

The site can even be used to attract new traders who can be then be promoted and helped to succeed.

And the site can be used to list lost property, special events and even special offers.

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