What They Said About TownTalk

Kendray Community Website

During 2003, I began the search for a company to design and host a Kendray Community Website. Whilst asking around for suitable companies, the same name seemed to come up repeatedly – with the recommendation that Towntalk were an innovative and reliable ‘pair of hands’ who could be relied on to work sensitively with the local community – a vital factor for our needs.

Towntalk won the tender during early 2003 because they showed that even at such an early stage, they were both technically capable and (even more importantly) that they felt as strongly as we did about engaging local residents in the process of developing the site to make it appropriate for our local needs.

Since then, my relationship with Phil and the Towntalk team has been exemplary – if all of my projects were such a delight to deal with, my job would be a lot easier ! Not only have they impressed the whole team with their inclusive ‘can do’ approach to the website in all its phases of development, they have also made a really valuable contribution to our whole approach to the media locally.

Phil and the team have tackled both the big stuff (like major additions to our site) and smaller day to day issues with the same attention to detail & careful analysis of what is really needed; rather than what I sometimes think I need ! This adds up to a company who takes providing a service seriously – but does it with a smile !

I really can’t praise Towntalk too highly, and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a community website which isn’t just about the finished product, but about the journey the whole community needs to take to get there; both now and into its future.

Kate Faulkes
Neighbourhood Development Officer
Kendray Initiative Team