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Neighbourhood Renewal Schemes are changing the face of British housing estates.

Tackling traditional problems involves engaging with the community and ensuring that communities participate and take ownership of the issues that affect them.

At TownTalk we have a great understanding and a great depth of experience in managing the process of web site development.

Unlike conventional web sites, Community web sites need to be developed with the local community. This takes time and commitment if the end result is to make a real difference.

The sites have to look attractive, of course, but more importantly they must reflect the hopes and aspirations of the community itself. The site must be easily updated, often by people who are using the internet or computers for the very first time. The sites must encourage their engagement and not intimidate them from becoming involved. Local people should be inspired and enthusiastic about the new media and should find it a practical help in finding support services, jobs, and even simply developing stronger relationships with their neighbours.

  • A TownTalk Community web site can map out the neighbourhood, outlining new developments and identifying the improvements that have taken place.

  • A TownTalk Community web site can promote community groups and give each one their own ‘micro-site’ helping to attract new members and to encourage the work of the volunteers.

  • A TownTalk Community web site can generate a sense of community spirit and pride and help to present the neighbourhood as a modern, dynamic area looking to the future with hope and optimism.

  • A TownTalk Community web site can encourage local people to get involved and become empowered, taking responsibility for their own destiny wherever possible and becoming part of the renewal process, not just a spectator.

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